Provide professional e-commerce solutions

Gaodens France website design and creation, Paris professional website design for more than ten years, (mobile phone tablet compatible version) production design, long-term maintenance and management, stability, rich experience, to create a high-end brand for you.

Wholesale website-retail website-restaurant ordering-news website-beauty website-medical website-school website-company introduction website-company association-shop massage and other websites.

Restaurant website function: customer confirms the order, the customer checks the email to confirm, the printer machine automatically print the order, the website can accept reservations, delivery, or go to the store to pick up meals, can provide customer discounts, points of rewards, can provide restaurant websites Delivery function, the website has invoices and all sales data in the background, and you can make accounts and view data on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

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Professional website maintenance

Professional website backup, data maintenance, anti-virus and hacker attacks, product image optimization, product page optimization, and optimization to improve the global opening speed of the website, so you have no worries.

Wholesale websites can hide prices, product photos, and customers can only shop after approval.

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Supporting services provided by Gaodens Technology Company during website construction:

Professional website project design and processing: The website project work is complicated, trivial, and professional. In order to let our customers have a relaxed project implementation experience,

We use a professional team to follow up on the project for you throughout the process to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

What is the cooperation process for website construction?

Paris Gaodens Technology provides you with a package-style service process:

Communicating requirements → plan planning → requirements confirmation → first draft of effect drawing → effect drawing confirmation → front-end development → program development → delivery confirmation → website online → payment evaluation → post-maintenance.

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Gaodens Paris Technology Website Design.

With the most professional design and the best price.

Focus on providing you with one-stop services such as brand visual image design, website design, restaurants and clothing stores, and multi-functional website production!

Operate with integrity!

Let you truly experience the value enhancement brought to you by our service quality and professional design details.

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