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Wholesale website-retail website-restaurant ordering-news website-beauty website-medical website-school website-company introduction website-company association-shop massage and other websites

Website search optimization SEO website promotion, mobile phone mobile communication interface design, iPhone iPad mobile interface compatibility design

Online ordering-QR code scanning ordering-Mobile and tablet compatible version-Online bank card payment-PayPal payment

All websites support Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, Google / Twitter login

Google promotion service Keyword search optimization, Adwords optimization ranking

Restaurant website function: customer confirms the order, the customer checks the email to confirm, the printer machine automatically prints the new orders, the website can accept reservations, delivery, or go to the store to pick up meals, can provide customer discounts, points activities, can provide restaurant websites Delivery function, the website has invoices and all sales data in the background, and you can make accounts and view data on a daily/monthly /yearly basis.

Our company provides professional e-commerce solutions:

Design and developed various wholesale and retail websites, customized various website functions according to needs, large-scale shopping mall solutions, global e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, customized various website styles, brand promotion, planning, operation and promotion, and SEO search optimization, Google ranking, website hosting, operation assistance, existing website update or modification, website operation training website, server maintenance service, etc.

What is included in the after-sale guarantee?

Free bug fix
Free bug fix
During the after-sales service period, we will modify the BUG caused by our problems for you free of charge. If there are procedural problems due to customer reasons, we will charge fees accordingly.
Technical Training
Technical Training
Gaodens Technology provides professional technical training to ensure that website maintainers can skillfully use the website background to maintain content, including background login and management, order processing, customer data, product addition, deletion and modification, simple image processing, etc.
Modification of text content
Modification of text content
During the technical service period, the modification service of the text content on the page that both parties have communicated and confirmed is provided. This modification does not include layout adjustment and picture replacement, and is limited to the modification and adjustment of text content.

Professional website backup, data maintenance, anti-virus and hacker attacks, product image optimization, product page optimization, and optimization to improve the global opening speed of the website, so you have no worries.

Wholesale websites can hide prices, product photos, and customers can only shop after approval.

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